about us


At Bindal Infotech, we know what your potential customers are looking for. We have been in the market for 3 years and have helped several leading businesses expand their clientele by providing them with the best exposure online.

Why Choose Us

While we are based in Jaipur, we provide world-class services for Website Development, Branding, Photography, Graphic Designing (including Logos), and online marketing. We constantly thrive to exceed the expectations that are put upon us.
If you hire us, you’ll have a team of highly skilled web developers and graphic designers to work on your project who will make it a success with their expertise. We cater to all kinds of needs of our customers, be it a startup, some Government portal or a big business house.
We created quite 10k ‘none to one’ business in four years, with 98% of clients’ retention and 100 percent quality assurance.Bindal Infotech is comprised of innovative and seasoned teams of social promoting professionals with in depth expertise within the brave new world of social media. The four year previous roots of The Web is now the biggest platform to reach out millions, and we here to help you embark on this journey!